Ensemble Galina

The Ensemble Galina was founded in October 2014 and formed out of the desire to make music at a level where the quality of music and friendship come together. The young chamber orchestra is made up of 18 musicians – music students and emerging professionals from all over Germany.

With the pianist Patricia Hase and the conductor Peter Leipold the ensemble makes it its mission to inspire a new sense in the musical performance – searching for harmony in the dialogue between soloist and ensemble and between composer and performers, honoring the true sense of the word »concertare«. For the name of the ensemble, we chose the Russian composer Galina Ustwolskaja (1919 – 2006), her »concert for piano, strings, and timpani« becoming the foundation stone on which the Ensembles was built. Ustwolskaja, who had to fight for cultural survival as a composer under the Soviet Regime touched us musicians not only with her life story, but with her music’s unbelievable emotional approachability, sincerity, and depth. The urgency in her existential musical expression became a very special motivation for us.

To inspire true emotion as well as to search out interesting contemporary forms of expression are the goals and purpose of the Ensemble. With this new approach, which is shaped through collective dialogue and musical discourse, the Ensemble Galina endeavors to preserve the great cultural property in our time.

You can find more information about the ensemble on the website: http://www.ensemble-galina.com

Debut CD out now

The ensembles debut CD is available at this website.